STAKK - this is the hottest outdoor game of the summer

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The new throwing game STAKK is nothing for sandbaggers or butterfingers - it requires skill and tactics. In return, it offers outdoor fun and excitement for young and old. The tossing game consisting of nine wooden cubes, is wonderfully uncomplicated and yet so versatile that children have just as much fun with it as adults.

In this overview, we give a short and concise explanation of how the game of skill works and what is important when playing it. We show what makes the beach game so special, especially in comparison to other outdoor throwing games such as boccia and boules. And finally, how you can get started with the outdoor trend.

This is STAKK

STAKK combines tactics and excitement, emotion and action, cleverness and fun. We want to demonstrate in four short points how all of this fits together to create a unique throwing game for children and adults.

A first hint: STAKK is derived from the word "stack".

1.) What you need:

Find at least one and a maximum of seven players. Find a nice spot outside with enough space to throw. STAKK is best played on the beach or in the sand. But it works just as well on a meadow, in the park or in the garden. Finally, all you need is a red wooden cube (the target STAKK) and eight more cubes to throw. 

2.) Your goal:

Roll or throw your own STAKK cube as close as possible to the red target STAKK.

3.) How to play

The youngest player, or the loser of the last round, throws the red STAKK which serves as target for the following throws. It should not be moved from now on.

If two players play against each other, they each get four STAKK cubes of the same colour. If there are four, six or eight players, two teams are formed. The colour of the dice marks the teams.

Each player now tries to place his or her STAKK as close as possible to the target STAKK. Once all the cubes have been thrown, the STAKK that is closest to the red target cube will be used to build a tower. It will be placed on top of the red target STAKK. From now on, the construction of the tower begins. 

Depending on the numbers placed in the tower, it should look like on the following graphic.

STAKK outdoor game - construction of the tower

After building the tower, the next round of throwing begins with the remaining STAKKs. The team with more remaining cubes starts the round. At the end, the winning STAKK is again built into the tower.

But what if the tower collapses?

STAKK outdoor game

First, the throwing round continues. Only when all the remaining STAKKs are on the field, the round will be finished. All wooden cubes that lay on the field will be collected and all cubes that touch the target stakk are stacked to form a new tower.

Special hint: You can intentionally bring down the tower with a well-aimed throw. This way you can make up for lost ground. 

But be careful, each team is only allowed to knock down the tower once per game. Otherwise the other team gets a point.

You end a round and get a point if you have placed all your STAKKs in the tower. Or, of course, if the opposing team knocks down the tower for the second time.

The game is usually played up to three, five or seven points. Or as long as you have fun with it.


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